ShoreFire Design is located in Toms River, NJ. We work on ALL kinds of bikes, from brand new Custom Choppers to road-rashed Sport Bikes!  This includes custom saddlebag lid covers, custom motorcycle seats, accessories and more to come!



As seasoned riders ourselves, we understand what your ride means to you. It’s a reflection of your personality, a symbol of your individualism, and the machine that fuels your passion. You want to make it your own. You want it to be something you’re proud of.   Bolt-On’s do nothing but get lost in the parking lot. And custom paint can cost thousands. Break away from the norm and truly say something…

ShoreFire Design was founded with one mission – Every rider should have an effective, affordable way to customize their motorcycle and improve their riding experience. ShoreFire Design specializes in custom seat design and seat comfort enhancement.

Special Note: We are currently building our product database and options availability.  Please email with questions or to order! Thank you for your patience.

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